Sunday – a day for family


Today we’ve had a fairly quite one…which has been lovely.  The weather has been glorious for both days of the weekend.  Today Darren and Cayden had Auskick this morning, I made a chocolate cake for lunches and snacks, and we did a spot of geocaching ( explains all!) in our local area.  The kids had a ball, but unfortunately we were not successful with our cache hunting!  There has been a lot of earth moving in this particular area and I think the cache has met with a front end loader!  All was not lost as we discovered a good playground and the kids had a play, plus Tonks got walked!

Emma was getting tired!


And the Chocolate cake was made from this blog.  Verdict; a big cake…made 2 lamington tin size.  Both kids weren’t too impressed with it, but I will ice it and see if we can get some takers!  Probably not a cake I would do again though.


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  1. Hey Cathy we are into geocaching too!!! Our caching name is GJMMelb (Gary Jen Mitchell) – what’s your caching name? How long have you been doing it? We started in September last year and have been having a ball doing it and going to places we would never have been otherwise! We have also now hidden 10 caches (all over this side of town)
    Looking forward to hearing from you !!
    Jen Hone

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