Girls Quilting/Scrapbooking weekend away


This weekend just gone I was lucky enough to go away for a 4 day long weekend with the girls … such heaven to have time for you and only you.  I know that sounds very selfish, but I am a strong believer that we all need some time for ourselves, to recharge the batteries.  I know I come back a better person, a better mother and a better wife.

So what did I get up to this year?  Quilting, scrapping and of course talking!

A quilt top for Emma's bed

I finished this quilt top for Emma to go with her curtains (when I finally get around to doing that!).  I also did 5 Layouts, which I will need to take some photos of!

I’ve been all inspired now and will get a move on with the curtains for the house.  Did all the sewing of the front room ones last night, all I need to do now with them is cut out the holes for the eyelet caps and then hang them … will hem them once hung to check length!  Then it’s on the family room downstairs … I’ll get there eventually!


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