School Holidays … Last day!


Well it’s been a full on couple of weeks with Cayden home on holidays.  It has been nice being able to sleep in and be lazy about getting going in the morning instead of the normal morning bolt!  We’ve kept pretty busy, spent an overnight at my Mum’s so the kids got to see Grandma & Pa, Grandma came back down with us and stayed a couple of nights looked after Emma for a couple of hours whilst I took Cayden to a Cupcake cooking class at the Queen Vic Market in the city.  It was great, we both seemed to enjoy it.

Mmmm, yummy

Good enough to eat!

Our creations

Cayden also had a couple of friends around for a playdate…lots of guitar hero, Wii and tampoline fun had by all.  I served up Sausage Rolls on one such playdate and you would think that they would go down a treat…nope, it had green stuff in it!  (I generally put grated zucchini in my sausage rolls)  Oh well you can’t win them all! It was pleasing to see Cayden reaction to that … “he didn’t even try it Mum, how did he know he didn’t like it?”  That’s my boy!

Pa celebrated his 60th birthday in the middle of the holidays so we went up and celebrated with the rest of the family … I supplied the cake.

White Chocolate Mudcake with truffles ... cake I made, truffles I bought!

Darren was able to get a few days off during the holidays so we made the best of it.  Wednesday we all went iceskating, I should clarify, Darren and the kids went skating, I sat on the sidelines.  It would only take one bum plant from me and my back would be stuffed for a month!  Em was probably a bit young, but if she hadn’t had a go she would not have been happy.  Cayden had a ball.

I've only just leanrt to walk ... give me a break!

Not happy Jan!

Going .... Going ...


Balance ... starting to get it!

Cayden and Darren went a saw Toy Story 3, we were going to go as a family, but Emma was in a pretty bad mood that day, so it wasn’t worth trying!  Apparently it’s a pretty good movie.  Darren told me I would have cried a pool, maybe it was best I didn’t go!

We were going to go and visit Dad up at the farm, but I woke up Friday morning with little to no voice, so had to cancel.  Saturday dawns and Emma has also come down with a cold … nasty one too.  It was a pretty intense day yesterday with being at Em’s beck and call!

Emma; not a well little girl.

So it’s Sunday now and the boys are at Auskick, 3rd last for the year.  I think it will be a nice quiet day today.  Might attempt to make Pasties for lunch.


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