Monthly Archives: October 2010

Our Backyard has been landscaped.


My first flower in my new garden!

It’s been almost 9 months since we moved into our new home and we are finally starting to see our environment come together.  It has been a dream of mine to start a veggie garden for a good couple of years now and this is now finally coming together.  I feel like I’m following in my Mothers footsteps (she finds it very amusing I might add!), back on the farm we had a huge veggie patch and a large beautiful garden.  I’m finding as I’m getting older I’m also craving the things I had around me as a child.  It’s a little hard to re-create that on a suburban block…but at least it will be a scaled back version!

So in our small backyard we have a veggie garden…

Veggie Garden

A place for the trampoline…

Kids play area

And a place for lawn and pretty flowers…

Lawn and garden

It has all come together very nicely.  And come early next year we will add decking so we can have a nice area to sit outside and enjoy it all.


Curtains … finally!


I’ve been putting it off and putting it off for so long, but I finally got a nudge along (thanks Tania!) to get my butt into gear and make the curtains for the dining/family room.  I’d been putting off for so long as it is such a big window and I would need so much material that I was a tad daunted…plus the fact that making curtains previously had not worked out exactly the way I planned!  6 of the curtains made were a tad short for the windows….it’s what happens when not getting correct measurements and only working from the plan, Oops!  But anyway I digress, the curtains are now made and hanging and even hemmed!  I’m pleased how they have come up and they really set the room off, now just have to make a pelmet for the other window and it’s finished!  A photo….(of course!)

Dining room curtains

Now to get organised and do the pelmets for the kids rooms and the ties for all the curtains!   Busy, busy, busy.

To go grey or not too…


That is the question that I asked myself about 6 months ago.  I’ve been slowly going grey over the past 10-12 years (getting faster as I tipped 40!) and have been dying my hair for that long.  It’s fun, but oh so damn expensive and at the rate my hair grows I end up with the skunk stripe after about 3 weeks,  so I was asking myself if it was worth it or not.  My Mum went salt and pepper in her 40’s and now is a lovely shade of steel grey and it really suits her…but was I ready to admit I was getting older and risk making myself look even older?  Then I thought, well, I’m comfortable being the age I am, certainly wouldn’t want to turn back the clock, so why hide what nature is telling me?  So I made the decision…grey it will be and if i really can’t handle it I can always dye it again!

So here is me about 6 months ago …

Approx March 2010

And now 7 months later …

Taken 2 weekends ago

I have to say I’m pleased with how it is growing out.  It will be interesting to see what it looks like once there is no dye left!