Curtains … finally!


I’ve been putting it off and putting it off for so long, but I finally got a nudge along (thanks Tania!) to get my butt into gear and make the curtains for the dining/family room.  I’d been putting off for so long as it is such a big window and I would need so much material that I was a tad daunted…plus the fact that making curtains previously had not worked out exactly the way I planned!  6 of the curtains made were a tad short for the windows….it’s what happens when not getting correct measurements and only working from the plan, Oops!  But anyway I digress, the curtains are now made and hanging and even hemmed!  I’m pleased how they have come up and they really set the room off, now just have to make a pelmet for the other window and it’s finished!  A photo….(of course!)

Dining room curtains

Now to get organised and do the pelmets for the kids rooms and the ties for all the curtains!   Busy, busy, busy.


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  1. Ohhhhhhhhhhh – I feel your pain Cathy!! I have been using my sisters curtains in our extension and recently bought the material to make some of our own – the first lot ended up being shorter than I wanted so I put them in Mitchell’s room (shorter windows) then made 2 lots that were the right length for this back room, themn went to make the third to discover the material was from a different dye-lot and were paler!!! Yah….. 3 spotlights later, the right dye-lot, the fabric now at $10 a metre I made trhe decision to do the WHOLE house!!! So now I have 4 sets of material waiting to be made up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Anyway yours look lovely!! I am very impressed and also love the photos on the green wall…. can you take a straight on view of them so we can see them properly?
    Take care

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