I’ve been very slack haven’t I!?!?!

With a gentle (?) reminder from friends, I thought it was time I resurrected this blog.  So where to go from here?  I think I’ll just start again and won’t bore you with the past months happenings.

Sunday 11th Sept.

It’s a nice quiet day today…we have a little girl that is feeling a little off colour having thrown up a few times this morning (just what I wanted at 6.30 this morning).  Both kids are in watching a movie with Dad and I’m setting up things for the next week.

A meat stew is currently on the stove, cooking itself into tenderness and into waiting pie cases.  I was chatting with Mum this morning and asking her about my Nana’s meat pies.  My Nana use to own a diner in a little place called Willaura and was a great cook, catering for the local area.  Nana’s pies were well regarded!  Asking mum about them this morning I found out that the ingredients were mince meat, gravox and water and cooked together, chilled and then put into a rough puff pastry.  It got me thinking to how our tastes have changed over the generations.  Nana was cooking in the 1950’s, so 60 years on, our tastes and expectations have changed drastically.  my stew this morning that is destined for pies has chunks of meat, carrot, celery, onion and stock, cooked for approx 2hrs.  Not hugely different, but it has more veg and more flavour.  Our main meals have changed too…I was brought up on meat and 3 veg, generally the vegetables were overcooked and we always had potato and it was generally mashed.  I serve my family a bigger variety of food.  We always have a salad. Chicken, beef, pork, fish all make an appearance at our table, at least once a week and we try to have a meat free meal once a week too.  Vegetables are lightly cooked or served raw.  It is interesting to see the changes…simply in the produce that is now available.  Friday night we had Gyoza’s, home-made; who would have thought we would be able to get fresh wonton wrappers from the local Asian store 10 years ago?

Well, I’d better go and finish off the pie mix and get the washing and menu planning done for the week.


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