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2012 – A new year, new beginnings & a whole lot more!


Well it’s another year, and lots to happen I’m sure.

First Day of Kinder

Emma starts kinder this year and had her first day on Tuesday for a few hours so she can be eased into it….not that i think she needs it, but, that’s what they do!  She had a ball, played lots of games, did some reading, made friends and generally enjoyed herself….and brought Mum home a present to deal with…NITS!   Urghhhh, my head just itches saying that word!  I can’t believe one day and she has them!

Dealing with the nits!











Grade 4


Cayden has started back at school, Grade 4.  Man time is flying!  He is enjoying the new format of his school.  They are in a community of Grade 3 through to Grade 6.  It works a bit like high school where they have different teachers for different subjects and they get split up into groups…I’m assuming it is worked out on their abilities instead of the grade they are in.  I’m not too sure because Cayden really doesn’t tell me much and i don’t think he really understands anyway!



I’m back at sewing….my goal this term to to go every week.  Last term I think I managed 4 out of the 10 weeks!  This term will be better!  I’m doing a block of the Month called Love, Peace and Appliqué.  It’s very sweet, and hopefully will teach me something too!